How many cubic inches would it take to fill this size loaf tin 21.5x13x12 1lb of gel is 32cubic inches would I need 1/3?


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I think I have found the solution if I'm right its 83.39 cubic inches to fill this 3lb loaf tin 21.5x13x12 tin. 32 cubic inches per pound so would take 3lb of gel to fill the tin which is 83.39 cubic inches If anyone can confirm please reply thx.

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A pan of those dimensions can hold (21.5*13*12) = 3,354.0 cubic inches of anything.

If a pound of gel occupies 32 cubic inches, then 3354 / 32 = 145.83 lbs of gel would be necessary.

.....If I understood your question correctly.

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I qualified my answer above with "...If I understood your question correctly."

I treated this as some sort of school problem regarding density.

Now in a comment you are talking about "ballistic" gelatin for the first time.

I had to look up ballistic gelatin---I didn't know what it was.

I assume you are making a projectile stop for behind your target.

On the second site, a block of ballistic gel 16x6x6 inches occupies 576 cubic inches and costs $128.98.

Your 21.5x13x12 cm pan can hold 205 cubic inches. 205 / 576 = .36 (approximately 1/3 of that 16x6x6 block of gel.

Does that help?
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Yes tom that is a great help thankyou so much for the replys I have never dealt with cubic inches so didn't have a clue don't even know how to go about working it out. So you have helped a great deal thankyou.
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