Do reading books online or web-based novels, e.g Webnovel helps you out from emotional conflicts? Does it undergo a certain editing or quality procedure to ensure it suits its readers age?


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So what is the appeal of writing here? Besides all the worry about terms of use what's the benefit to the writer?

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Nooby Slayed
Nooby Slayed commented
i am gud at coming up with ideas but i need help writing and stuff, if u would like we can co-write. cuz i just have the main points.
Huskie Breed
Huskie Breed commented
on't complain "stealing" later when I use bad people, good people color thing in future novel later. Just saying.
Darn Dan
Darn Dan commented
too bad i suck at writing, will probably write a short novel. i will post it on the forums and not inkstone, not ready for that yet.

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