Today is everyones' day to remember. It is September 11th - Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance?


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The others on the list for today are: National Make Your Bed Day, National Hot Cross Bun Day National Ants on a Log Day – Second Tuesday in September.

It did not seem right to list them with the significance of today.

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We will never forget!

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No we will not. It is one of those "Do you remember where you where when...?" Ironically I was presenting a briefing in Baltimore, at the exact time of the despicable act, regarding building security.
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I remember as if it was yesterday.

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This is definitely my day .... Every year.

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So many tributes on my Facebook page today brought me to tears. The pain and fears became as fresh as it was that day.

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Sometimes my mom makes my bed.... I'm really thankful for that

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