What are the standard and custom reports you can use to get proper insight to improve your market performance?


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Google is the most searched and busiest search engine and acquires a lot of web traffic. Google analytics endow with some great pre-configuration reports to work differently but also with the aptitude to create and build your own reports from the starting that helps the marketers to gain truly important insights from the tool. This is a future that opens up the scope of expanding your business on prime pages of any search engines.

But it is quite a challenging task to master in Google analytics even for the professional and experienced marketers. There is a lot of data and not to easy to follow dashboard to sort out.

Below are some standard and custom reports you can use to get proper insight to improve your market performance:

  • Mobile performance report: These days mobile plays a major role and it seems to be our world. There is the number of mobile users as compared to desktop users. In fact, mobile is so important that Google even penalizes those websites that are not mobile friendly. Most of the social media marketing is done on mobiles at many social media sites. The mobile performance report shows you how well your site is built for mobile and what all improvements you have to make.
  • Traffic acquisition report: Do you want to know who all are clicking on your ads? Is your guest post receiving high web traffic or not? What is your SEO strategy? Traffic acquisition report will tell you everything about your web traffic. For many marketers, this might be their first step in analytics and reporting process.
  • Content efficiency report: This efficiency report track bounces, page views, and goal completions to help you get all the answers to your questions like: Which content is getting more audience the most? Which type of content ( GIF’s, images, reviews, infographics, videos) performs best amongst readers? Which of your content helps readers become customers? Which is the most shared content by the users?
  • Keyword analysis report: It helps in receiving organic traffic from Google as it helps you to figure out which keyword is working best for you, how many of them are actually helping you to achieve your goal.
  • Returning VS new visitors: Getting a new user visiting your website for the first time is great. Getting them again is even better because they are the visitors who actually end up becoming readers and then clients. Google analytics helps you to keep a check on the total number of visitors visiting your websites.
  • Landing pages analytics and report: Users can enter your site from all sorts of pages. Some will use URL, some from the search engine or some from the link shared on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This report will tell you which pages visitors are landing on when they enter your website. Based on the report, you can judge how users are interacting with your websites.

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