Which institute provide best Statistical/Data Analysis Services in Pune?


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Arushi Arora answered

Dissertation committees commonly vigorously assault the way a study’s outcomes are analysed; as such, statistics evaluation may be extraordinarily difficult and intimidating for college kids.

Data analysis is one of Dissertation Genius’s centre skills; we have PhD-degree statistical experts on our team as well as over 22 years of experience in all types of statistical evaluation. Intellects LinkUp is one of the bestData Analysis Services.

Our records evaluation specializations encompass:
  • Qualitative/quantitative/combined information analysis
  • Mixed techniques design
  • Comprehensive energy evaluation
  • Data analysis segment formatting, table/chart placement, and so on.
  • Data analysis software ( SPSS, SAS, STATA, R, LISREL/EQS/AMOS/Atlas TI, NVivo, and extra)
  • Just about all statistical techniques (ANOVA, MANCOVA, correlation, direction evaluation, more than one regression, SEM, and more)
  • Database design & records entry
  • Analysis & consequences summaries
  • Statistics tutoring
Read more at : www.intellectslinkup.com/blog/statistical-data-analysis-serv

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KB Baldwin answered

I usually go to the firm of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe for all my data.. 

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