Were you ever bullied in school?


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PJ Stein answered

A little in first grade, and once that I can remember in third grade. I was in private school in first grade and lived near West Point Military Academy. So I went to school with a bunch of officers' kids. They hadn't learned their fathers' ranks didn't matter off post.  By the third grade I had learned to stand up to bullies, especially when they picked on others, that when they tried to bully me I had others stand up for me.

Bullies are insecure people who try to direct negative attention away from them and put it on others. Most are sad, small minded people and they should be pitied, not feared. They feel bigger by trying to make others feel small. With that understanding I learned it had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with them. And then when you point that out to them in front of the crowd they are trying to impress they usually back down. If they threaten physical harm remind them when you press charges, an assault charge will not look good on a college or employment application. 

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Yes , little bit in Grade School but the worst was Middle School and some in High School . Bullying turned me into a Monster , Bipolar that even Medication can't help . Maybe shock treatment would help ?

But i also lived with a Father who verbally abuse me and my late Mother took on his actions , verbal abuse and wow did they have some arguments it was bad , finally they divorced in June 1994.

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Lard Ass , Lard Ass, answered

Some in grade school until my brother taught me how to defend myself. Got kicked out a few times but was never bullied again!

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I'd say I was more than bullied. Last year I had a kid try and crack my skull open on a wall. Also I had a kid try and choke me unconscious, I've been slammed against a wall by my neck, had about £40 stolen off me, my house vandalised, etc. Funny part is I've done literally nothing to them. Albeit it's died down now. 

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Willie B. good answered

No... I was never bullied, I grew up with four brothers who taught me to stand up for myself, and I'd never let anyone if I could help it bully anyone else. I'll always stand up for the underdog.

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Levi F. answered

Occasionally yes, mainly in elementary school for having friends who were girls and being a little on the effeminate side. I didn’t fully come out as gay until after school. I knew another gay kid in high school and I remember some snide comments made behind his back but I don’t remember him being directly bullied. Either way, I remained secretive about it because I didn’t want to open myself up to potentially being bullied.

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