When Was The Last Time Britain Was Invaded?


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It's been almost a millennium since Britain was last successfully invaded (by the Norman French in 1066).

However, the last time a hostile foreign power actually landed troops on the British mainland was back in 1797 when a fleet of four French warships landed 1,400 conscript troops on the Welsh coast near Fishguard, with the intention of stirring up a rebellion that would topple the British government.

The plan, drawn up by the French revolutionary authorities and entrusted to a septuagenarian Irish-American called Colonel William Tate, was doomed to failure. With the cream of revolutionary France's troops fighting on the European mainland, the soldiers of the landing force were almost all newly released convicts who were more interested in drinking than furthering the revolution.

As soon as the invasion party had marched into Fishguard, any semblance of discipline crumbled as the jailbirds helped themselves to the town's supply of food and fine wine. A couple of days after the landing the ragtag troops surrendered to a local militia led by Lord Cawdor.

The surrender documents signed by Tate make mention of many hundreds of British redcoats – despite the fact that the nearest regular army soldiers were still many miles away. Local legend has it that the sozzled soldiers mistook the local women (dressed in their traditional scarlet tunics and tall black hats) for British troops. Feeling hopelessly outnumbered (and no doubt a little hungover) they decided to surrender!
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Not very good didn't tell me enough information and what if kids were to read it for information doesn't tell them much they wont be able to understand!!
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Actually, the last time Britain was successfully invaded was on 5 November 1688 by William of Orange and his Dutch army. William subsequently became King William III of England, so you would have to say it was a successful invasion.
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Last successful invasion was 1066, but German troops occupied and
took over Jersey during the war.

The locals were fine with the German
occupation, as the soldiers were friendly and could speak English,
according to my friend who lives there.

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It gets invaded every day by people coming in from  all over the world. Lol
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The last time Britain was invaded, was world war two.There were the dog fights when Germany invaded by air, known as the battle of Britain, and also, there was the V1 and V2 flying bombs, that Germany launched from France. Britain endured what was known as the blitz for two years.
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I really don't know. History is boring. Live in the now!!!

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