How Do You Write Three Thousand Million In Numeral Form?


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That would be 3,000,000,000 (if you remember a million is represented by six zeros, it's quite easy).
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I'm not sure, but I don't think you can have 3,000 millions! I guess you would write it like so, 3,000,000,000, but that's an awful lot in fact if you had 3,000 million you would be in the trillions, not millions!
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You can easily have any number of millions you want. In "short scale" countries, 3000 million is 3 billion. 3 trillion would be 3 million million. ("Long scale" countries have a different number naming convention.)

Quite often, the financial statements of large companies are expressed in millions. 3,000 million would not be an unusual number to see there.
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You did not specify short scale, if you had 3 thousand millions, would you not be in the billions or trillions NUMERICALLY? I think so.
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Thanks man, I guess I was indeed wrong, I was just thinking to specific and not thinking logical

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