Why Were Slaves Returned From The United States To Africa In 1822?


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In the year 1822, the American Colonization Society in an attempt to stop the practice of slavery in the US sent over 25,000 African Americans between the years of 1822 and 1862 to settle in a region in West Africa.

The "freed" men, women and children who were repatriated to Liberia were mostly Blacks from the North. These slaves began to head to the West African Region then called "Grain Coast." The settlement of freed American slaves resulted in the creation of the first ever African republic Liberia in the year 1847.

Not only were the African Americans happy to be free and to have their own state, the slave owners were also relieved because they felt that these African Americans could never fit into the fiber of the civil white society of the US because of perceived ethnic restraints.

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