Why Is Rubber Band Elastic?


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Rubber bands are basically created from polymers, but the chains are cross linked to present a network. Rubber basically is an elastic hydrocarbon polymer which takes place as a creamy colloidal suspension in the sap of quite a few varieties of plants. Rubber can be created synthetically.

Synthetic rubber is created via polymerization of a mixture of monomers to create polymers. The most important saleable source of normal latex used to produce rubber is the Para rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis.

Large quantities of seeds were collected from Brazil in the year 1876 by Henry Wickham, and were planted in Kew Gardens, England. The seedlings were also supplied to other places like Colombo, Indonesia, Singapore as well as to British Malaya. Over the period of year Malaya went on to become the biggest manufacturer of rubber.

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