How To Answer Comprehension Questions?


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Comprehension questions are aimed to make sure that you have understood the concepts in a given text, there are some handy tips to help you answer them well. Often the text is an entire book. They are usually given to English or language students. The questions will quiz students on ideas and concepts in the book and ask how they have been presented and developed.

Comprehension style questions are also a feature of many other academic studies so these tips are a good idea for almost any subject as they help you to get to grips with the text.

-    Review the previous chapter. Discuss 'seeds'. Ask questions, share ideas, wonder why, make predictions. Note: As with the other 'steps' (and anything worth doing) it is very important to take one's time, never rush and savour contributions, ideas and moments shared.

-    Turn to the questions. Read the questions prior to reading the chapter. Ensure that they are properly understood. Discuss any new vocabulary. Make predictions.

-    Highlight any words that will most likely appear in the answer. Take an educated guess. Doing this helps to set yet another purpose for reading, direct questions and also 'helps' with spelling.

-    Should students come across answers to questions during our read aloud they mark the page with a post it. This is helpful as they can then move on quickly - and find the answer and page number easily when the time comes. As we stop to discuss readings frequently along the way students are use to reflecting and then returning to text seemingly without skipping a beat.
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Look at the passage, sieve out the main points, look at the question, review the key words of the questions and look at the passage again to sieve out those main ideas, and start working on them.
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To answer a comprehension question you must read the passage and understand then do the comprehension passage
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I think the answers to such kind of questions should be given in an easy and understandable manner   as other person just wanted to know how much we have comprehended it n the manner in which we think...! Believe on it. It is implemented.
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By writing a lot until you make sure you have answered the question thoroughly.
Break up the question into an outline.

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