What Benefits Did The Tennessee Valley Authority (in 1930s USA) Give To The Area?


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The Tennessee Valley River Authority (TVA) brought numerous benefits which to the Tennessee River area. Dams were built to control the Tennessee River and produced HEP energy (3,200 million kilowatts a year). New lakes were created, new locks built and 1000km of the river opened up for navigation.

Materials could now be bought in and produce taken out. Power stations were constructed to provide cheap electricity for homes, farms and factories. Farmers were shown how to regenerate the land by using fertilizers. Farmers were encouraged to prevent soil erosion by planting thousands of trees. Many new jobs were created. The American President at the time of the establishment of the TVA was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His opponents claimed that the Federal government should not interfere in the problems of individual states. Private companies should have done the work. It was unlikely, however, the private companies would have been willing to take such a risk.
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