How Can You Kill Sperm That's Already In The Female?


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There is only one way of how to kill sperms in a woman's body and this is the morning after pill. This is not 100% guaranteed either so technically, there is no way that you will know that you have completely killed all of the sperms.

The morning after pill works in a way that makes the uterus inhabitable for both sperm and an egg so that there is no chance of becoming pregnant. This is not a method of contraception that should be used on a regular basis and it is solely for use in emergencies. You can get hold of the morning after pill from your doctor or pharmacist and it is usually free of charge.

You do not have to take the morning after pill the morning after you have had sex as it does work for 72 hours after sexual intercourse but as time goes on, the chances of it working do reduce so you should get hold of it at the earliest possible opportunity.

There are other ways that are believed to get rid of sperms that is inside a woman but none of them are proven as methods that work so do not try them as it will be ineffective.

Some of these are;
  • Going to the toilet after sex so that the sperm falls out.
  • Washing your vagina with water so that it gets rid of some of the sperms.
Do not do anything to yourself that could possibly cause lasting damage and to prevent you from having to get the morning after pill, the best thing to do is to look at different contraceptives and to always practice safe sex.
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Use a condom with a spermicide type lube. That helps to kill of sperm once you ejaculate, but still isn't full proof.
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Well spermicide foams and jellies kill sperm with which they come in contact.  However, the problem is that once sperm is inside a woman's body, it is highly unlikely that the spermicide will come into contact with all of them.  Most human sperm has pretty darned good motility (rapid movement), and some find their way into the uterus rapidly.
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Bleach , douche, nail polish remover, window cleaner, oxi-clean. But its too late because I don't think the female will let you put that stuff in her
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I am not sure how spermicide would kill sperms already in the uterus. Thats why you should use it before sex.

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