What Is The Ranking Of The University Of East London?


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It is not clear if you are asking about the university of East London in South Africa, or the town of London near Toronto in Canada, or London, New England, or indeed London itself, which has an East like every city. So you need to attach a Country to this.
However, if it is East London in South Africa, which is on the east coast near Port Elizabeth, you could go to www.unieast london.com.
Alternatively, if it is not, then put the university of East london into Google, and when the options come up, choose the one that you have asked about, from the call down list.
Good luck.
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The University of East London, which is abbreviated as the UEL, is rated among the top ten modern universities in the United Kingdom by the Guardian (which one of Britain's largest-selling daily newspapers). In addition, it ranks among the top ten (post-1992) universities in the United Kingdom for research and teaching by the Guardian University Guide and among the top 15 universities in the United Kingdom in terms of the starting salaries of graduates according to the Sunday Times.

The UEL was awarded the broad confidence award for the soundness of the management of the university by the Quality Assurance Agency (which conducted a thorough audit of the university in the year 2005) The Quality Assurance Agency was set up by a team representing the government of the United Kingdom. In addition to this, the University of East London (which is abbreviated as the UEL) was awarded the Charter Mark for Excellence in customer service.

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