How Long Does It Take To Fly From Sydney Australia To South America?


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The distance between Sydney West Airport, Sydney and Carolina Airport, Brazil is 9398 Miles and 15037 Kilometers. The flying time from Sydney to Brazil  varies according to the aircraft you are flying in, by the Boeing 747 and Airbus A340 it takes  16 hours and 17 minutes, by a Business jet it takes 17 hours and 41 minutes, by Cessna SkyHawk it takes  65 hours and 57 minutes and Bell 206L-4 it takes 72 hours and 39minutes. You can easily find out the air distance and flight time between any two cities or countries in the world by using the following website:

All you have to do is type in the airport codes (which are searchable on the same site) for both the departure and arrival locations and get the distance and flying time in a matter of seconds.

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