What Is Division Of Labour In An Organization?


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The division of labor in an organization whether within government, the family, the workplace is a process of dividing the responsibilities and activities to achieve a goal.

The concept or principle of Division of Labor among humans follows the actitivity patterns learned from the study of other species such as a monkeys, apes and bees. By studying these man has learned the quickest and best way to successful completion of labor is sharing the load.

Within organizations like business, each person has a written statement outlining the areas of responibility/a job description. When one person fails to carry out his/her responsibility then work does not get completed and others must do extra work. So the employee who fails causes an imbalance in the division of labor.

The above example can be applied to governments, families, societies and any type of organization. Rules govern the division of labor.
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Division of labour is a process by which responsibilities /jobs are divided or share within an organisation in order to achieve a common goal.
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Division of labour  is the process of breakdown of activities,duties and delegated responsibilities in stages,segments or even departments so as to achieve a common or desired goal withine the sho-rtes time or period.
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Division of the labour is process of diving activities in an organization. It's helps to achieve a high profit or reach desire goal in a short time.

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