What Are The Scope And Limitation In A Thesis?


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Scope and limitations, as part of a thesis, work to outline the boundaries of the thesis in question.

Often, the scope and limitation of a thesis will be presented in a small chapter within the thesis, usually directly after the table of contents, and it's purpose is to define the parameters in which a thesis will be operating. Scope primarily refers to how much of a certain topic the thesis will be focusing on, whilst the limitations serves to highlight areas where the thesis might not develop into. No matter how much research, time and writing is involved in your thesis, there will always be related areas that you will choose not to stray into or will not be able to expand into for various reasons, so including this in your limitations shows that you are fully aware of this, and helps counteract any arguments against the strength of your thesis.
The best advice when writing your scope and limitations chapter is to practice a certain amount of humility; be honest, practical and objective- in all probability your paper will be read in detail by a panel of experts in your particular field, and recognizing the boundaries of your work can often play a key role in showing your understanding of the field in question. 

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Scope of thesis highlights the areas covered in the thesis like what is the management problem?Why the specific topic is selected? What areas would be covered in the thesis? On the other hand, limitations are always there in a thesis. Limitations are the circumstances which are not considered in the thesis because of some reasons like if a student interprets the relation between inflation and interest rates then the limitation can be the 100% accuracy of data. Moreover, all the situations which can limit the interpretation of data are considered the limitations. It is very important to describe the limitations in thesis, so that the reader may know about the circumstances in which the researcher has conducted the thesis.
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The scope contains the respondents, place & date where you will conduct the study .The limitation contains your goals. Scope and limitations outline the parameters of a thesis. Scope describes how much of a topic the thesis covers, while limitations include some potential areas where the thesis may fall short. Any work, no matter how expertly written, can be further expanded upon. Scope and limitations is generally a short chapter within a thesis, which usually comes after the table of contents, introduction, and objective or hypothesis.

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