How Many Minutes In A Year?


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1 year = 525,600 min.
1 leap year = 527,040 min.
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A year may be a leap year or a normal year. A normal year has three hundred and sixty five days where as a leap year which comes once in four years has three hundred and sixty six days. The reason for this is that a leap year has twenty nine days in the month of February and a normal year has only twenty eight days in that month. The number of minutes in a year is calculated as the number of days multiplied by the number of hours in each day multiplied by the number of minutes in each hour. In case of a normal year this would be three hundred and sixty five multiplied by twenty four multiplied by sixty and in the case of leap year this would be three sixty six multiplied by twenty four multiplied by sixty. Thus in a normal year there are five hundred and twenty five thousand six hundred minutes a year and in a leap year this is five hundred and twenty seven thousand and forty. If calculated as an average it works out to 525,948.766 minutes a year.
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No thats not rite! There are five-hundred twenty-five thousend sixhundred minutes in a year
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Actually, the 525,948.766 answer is dead on.
- Earth makes one complete rotation every 23 hr 56 min (sidereal day). It appears to us to be 24 hours because of the change in perspective caused by Earth's revolution around the sun.
- The earth makes 366.24 actual rotations per year (no, that's not a typo).
- Using our sun as reference, a day is 24 hours long (solar day), 366.2425 solar days per year.
- Actual minutes in a year = 365.2425 x 24 x 60 = 525,946.48
- It's "right" not "rite
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I think thats right
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= 1 Year
= 1 x 365.25 Days
= 1 x 365.25 x 24 Hours
= 1 x 365.25 x 24 x 60 Minutes
= 5,25,960 Minutes

Thus in a year there are 5,25,960 Minutes.
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500,25000,600 minutes

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