What Does Prose Mean?


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The word prose is defined as ordinary writing as distinguished from poetry or verse. Prose also means a matter-of-fact, dull or commonplace expression. The basis of distinction between the two forms of writing, namely prose and poetry, is that the former has a greater variety of rhythm and closely resembles the patterns of everyday speech.

The word prose is derived from the Latin word prosa, which means straightforward. This form of writing describes the type of writing that is embodied by prose. It is not adorned with flowery language and obvious stylistic devices, which are the typical characteristics of poetry. Prose writing is usually employed when the writer wants to describe a fact or discuss an idea.

Another feature of the prose style of writing is that the written word in prose is organised in the form of paragraphs. It is basically the ordinary language which is used by people while speaking or writing.
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It is poetry.

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