I Need To See Some Examples Of Appeal Letters To Reduce My Interest Rate On Our Mortgage. Can You Help?


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Jack Buckby answered
  • Start by stating your name, your address, your mortgage company and the exact mortgage that you have taken out. By putting this information right at the top of the document you will be making it much easier for your reviewers to know precisely who you are in terms of their company. So for example, you will write something like 'Jack John Smith, 123 Example Street, Exampleville, CA, 12345 Mortgage Co, Loan number 12345.
  • You then need to make your opening statement to the point and briefly. Don't ramble on and don't beat around the bush. For instance, you will want to say something like 'I am writing to you to discuss financial hardship and request a new interest rate on my mortgage'.
  • You should then set about explaining what your financial difficulties are and what circumstances have stopped you from making payments on time, or why you need a new interest rate on your mortgage. Make sure you do this really clearly and concisely. There is time later on in the letter to go into depth. Right now just tell them what's happening and why you need their help - and of course why they should help you. You may want to tell them about recent divorce, unexpected medical bills, unemployment or death of your spouse, given that these are really common reasons why people get in touch.
  • You should also note when the financial difficulty first started, whether you believe that this problem will be permanent or will it be temporary. You can now go into detail, but don't tell them more than they need to know. You need to end the letter by thanking them for their time and telling them that you are looking forward to hearing back from them.

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