What Did People Do Before Electricity?


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They used butt cheeks and rubbed them together for heat XD (joke)! They used a stove with a fire inside to cook food and keep warm.

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They used candles for light or oil lamps and read a lot of books.
They heated with wood and went to bed before dark.
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I believe ppl went to bed shortly after sun set and got up with the birds. I think that lifestyle would be beneficial nowadays. I think the only reason we are all on a 9:00 - 5:00 pm schedule is because ppl were excited about staying up late because they could with light. And hence needed to sleep longer into the daylight.
It'd be interesting to see what life would be like if we followed 'early to bed, early to rise'. But we would never agree to changing. This could be unfortunate.
What do you think?
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Human and mechanical powered machines were before electricity, and gas and oil lights before electric lights
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I could probably write at least 100 pages to cover this question but I'll just hit the high spots:
Consider all the things that can be done at night (including surgery and mass manufacturing etc) with professional lighting compared to candles.
Computers (wouldn't be possible without electricity).  What do computers do that people used to do.
Pumps, cooking appliances, TV, radio stations, any modern heating device is dead w/o electricity.
Many people have no water when their well pump is dead.  Pumps in cities keep sewerage from backing into homes.
Farmers used to do all milking by hand.
I personally think electricity is probably the biggest invention of all time.  Fire wouldn't have been needed if elect. Had been invented first.  Fire is a bad side effect of electricity!
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They died ..b/c without computers ,laptops and the hottest fashion was not worth living

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