How Do You Grow Sugar Crystals For A Science Fair Project?


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All you would need for the experiment is a beaker, some metal wire, a button, warm water and sugar.
Now, make a loop around the button with the wire and hang it into the beaker. This would act as the seed on which your crystals would grow.
Now, put some water in the beaker and heat it. Start adding sugar to it when it is warm. Keep on adding sugar and stirring until a little sugar remains undissolved. Your solution has now become saturated. Add some food color to the solution if you want colored crystals.
Now place the beaker on a level desk and do not disturb it for at least twelve to twenty four hours. After this time has lapsed, look in your beaker and you will notice beautiful sugar crystals. Take out of solution and let them dry.
Just to impress the judges, how about you make several crystals in advance in different colors which you can display around your experiment beaker? That would look really nice! Also, I saw somebody who made crystals from copper sulphate in an empty egg shell. His crystal turned out round and pretty. Maybe you could try it with sugar too. Just pour the mixture in the egg shell (clean it first though!) after it has become saturated.
Good luck!
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this is also made with a glass jar instead of a beaker and string instead of wire if you do everything else the same and you sould still be able to make it that way!!

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