Why Would I Want To Study Journalism?


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Learning about the things in life,and events,mostly just anything that grabs your attention
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If you are already a competent writer, it is not necessary to get a journalism degree to become a reporter.
In fact, in my 30-plus years as a newspaper copy-editor, I saw a marked decline in the language skills of young journalism graduates. My joke became, "They know computers, but they don't know commas."
Reporters have degrees in a variety of subjects, besides journalism. Some of the best writers I've worked with studied philosophy, history, international relations, even business. But far and away the best writers had degrees in English literature.
Getting the story requires certain skills, but translating it into a coherent, well-written news story can be a very different kettle of fish.
Language skills such as a knowledge of grammar and syntax, punctuation, and telling a story in proper sequence are not taught in journalism schools. Another thing that seems to be lacking in today's j-school graduates is an extensive vocabulary -- the kind attained from a broad liberal-arts education in other subjects.
Besides reporting, do not forget editing as a newsroom profession. This definitely requires a watertight knowledge of the language and its usage, plus a very wide background in many other subjects so that you can catch factual errors.
One of my favourite anecdotes is when, fresh from getting my bachelor's in English lit and already a proofreader at the school newspaper, I asked the dean of the journalism school at the University of California at Berkeley if I should pursue a journalism degree.
He told me, "You already know how to write and are working at a newspaper. Don't waste your time and money, kid." Shocked, I stammered out a thanks, walked out -- and took his advice.
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Maybe because you like to write about things that has happened to you or to other people and it could be something that you enjoy doing:}
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To expand your knowledge about the world we live in and to think deeply about topics everyone and no one is talking about.
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Well,beacause is a cool job and you can win much money if you good at this my sis study this and she say isn't very simple but I wish you  very much luck Gyrly
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I would like to study journalism so that ill know the deep aim
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I would like to study journalism because like broadcasting news at all times although not in a professional way yet.
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You may be right about the lacks on journalism studies. I'm Spanish, philologist and translator and work as a news broadcaster for an international radio. By asking to a well celebrated news broadcaster and TV producer about me considering a journalism study se claimed to remove the study from university. Same reasons you give.
But really, she is in, she is part of the elite of journalists and its's easy for her to say so. On the radio where I work I cannot access to certain positions nor take tasks because I have not the journalism degree. Sometimes they need some help, but even I have plenty of time working around and "can" do the job, their policy is undeniable: Just for journalists. So, even if it's just to get in, you need the degree. Once inside, you can prove you were already able to do the job and even joke about abolishing the study.

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