I Am Looking For A French Word Resembling "Decoletage". Does Anybody Have Any Ideas?


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I think the word is DECOLLETAGE. There should be an accent over the first "e", which I don't know how to produce in this program, but you probably know what I mean - a little forward-slanting line.

Decolletage is a noun based on the French word decollete (accents on both "e"s). It refers to the neckline of a woman's dress, blouse etc and means low cut/ plungung/ showing cleavage. It comes from the word col, which means collar. The prefix de- in French means without, so decollete basically means without a collar.

Example sentences might be: "Her dress was very decollete" or "her dress had a lot of decolletage," though it would probably sound a bit pretentious in English. I think people used to use French words and phrases in English more than they do today.
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Actually the french word decolletage has nothing to do with fashion. It is a technical term that more or less means 'threading'. Décolleté would be the most suitable translation of decolletage in English. My guess is that decolletage is a pretentious deformation of the French décolleté.
PS: I came to that page looking for 'decoletage' as I heard with strange word on a TV show. Born and raised in France, I never heard this word before! I had to look for decolletage in a dictionary to see what it means!
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Décolletage is a technical term used in the metalwork industry which roughly means cutting or free-cutting (of metal sheets)

So, only if you wanted to craft a sexy armor, you would cut away (décolletage) from the breast protection plates a plunging cleavage (décolleté). Not sure that such an armor would be very efficient in protecting the body inside, though...


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