How To Make An Igloo Using Thermocol?


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You can build a model of an igloo using Thermocol, the polystyrene brand, and some basic adhesive glue.

Simply start by cutting the Styrofoam sheets into cubes, the size of which being completely dependent upon how big you wish for your final model to be.

Using the glue, stick the cubes in a circular shape onto a piece of cardboard, remembering to leave a space as a door. The next step is to build the igloo up; you are not trying to build a wall here, the igloo sides must meet at the top to form a roof, and so each 'brick' must come in slightly to have this effect.

Keep building up in this way, ensuring that you use plenty of glue to maintain the structure. Should you wish to add to the ambiance, you could even glue some cotton wool onto the cardboard base to look like snow.

  • The purpose of an igloo

There are three different types of igloos in total, all of which are of various sizes, dependent upon their purpose. For example, the littlest was built as a form of shelter, intended to be used for a couple of nights only during some form of hunting trip.

The next size up was used as a family home, usually consisting of one room only and housing up to two families. It was common for there to be many of these in a little area, forming some kind of village.

The biggest igloos were constructed mainly for feasts, in which the whole community would dine together, or dances. With two normally built together, one would be used as a place for people to live, whilst the other for occasions. With up to five rooms in each, around 20 people could live in one of these at any one time.

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