What Are The Subjects In Commerce?


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The subjects of commerce vary depending on the university that you attend. Generally, the subjects of commerce are Accountancy, Book-keeping, Commerce, Economics, Auditing, Banking, Corporation, Company Law, Mercantile law, Statistic, Cost Accounting.

This can be a variation of any of these and may be all of them or just a few of them. Accountancy and book keeping are commonly taken courses and are taken in most universities. These are generally accompanied by a mixture of the above. All of these have their part in business so it may depend on the orientation of the commerce course.

Economics is also a highly taken course; this is the study of the economy of a country or countries and the way they interlink. Commerce itself deals with the laws and how commerce is and how the world of commerce works. This takes in banking and how corporations are run. These can also be separate modules as can Company Law, Mercantile law, Statistic, Cost Accounting which are micro parts of the larger commerce umbrella.

Commerce allows you to enter a huge array of professions and is one of the most commonly taken yet one of the most employable courses that is on offer due to its pragmatism and the fact it is in touch with all areas of business.

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