How Do You Write A Business Plan?


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Writing any type of business plan will often follow the same steps/format as seen below:
1) Contents page
2) Executive summary
3) General company description
4) Products and services
5) Marketing plan
6) Operational plan
7) Management and organisation
8) Personal financial statement
9) Startup expenses
10) Financial plan
11) Appendcies
It is vital with any business plan you carry out in-depth market research before you start, this will give you a greater knowledge of the market you are trying to penetrate! Market research also often results in improved finance deals with investors as they can clearly see you have a good knowledge on your business and market.
Remember always Test Your Market First!
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Business plans come in all shapes and sizes, but the best ones are written in a 'layered format'. That is, there's a number of layers to them, and people who you give the plan to read the high level summary and then can go to a deeper level if they need more detail.
The important layer to get right is that summary. Think of it like a 3 minute pitch. If you don't get your message over in a page that can be read in 3 minutes you probably haven't done enough thinking.

The summary should answer five basic questions
1. What will the business do?
2. What pain in the marketplace are you addressing?
3. How are you going to address the market pain?
4. How are you going to differentiate yourself from the competition?
5. How much money do you need and what are you going to spend it on?

That's it! More detail on a site for entrepreneurs called sparkblog
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Hello. Your business plan should include information about your product, your market, your competition, your management team (even if it is just yourself), your organizational structure, your marketing plan, your financial plan, the opportunities and risks you foresee, and an executive summary. Best of luck with your plan!

There is a free guide that will help you write a business plan. You can find it at
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Your business plan should include all those internal and external l factors that can effect your business plan.
Writing a business plan you should have to ask three question from yourself

(1) where are you now?
(2) where are you going ?
(3)how will you get there?
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A business plan is defined as a plan that helps a business in charting out its goals, objectives, methods to achieve them and such other key points. A really good business plan can be of enormous help to the business. There are different types of business plans as per the requirements of different types of businesses.

The first step in writing a good business plan is to know your audience or targets at which the business is aimed very well. Then chart out the requirements to be included in the business plan with the help of your colleagues and professionals like business consultants. Then make a rough draft or put together a good business summary which would help you in writing the business plan. Now the next step is to correct the mistakes and redo it with the changes. The last step is to get the plan checked by experienced and expert professionals.

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