What Is The Equation Of The Line Of Symmetry?


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Isn't the line of symmetry -b/2a?
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The equation of the line of symmetry of a curve is the equation of the line dividing the given curve into two equal parts.
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The formula for the equation of a line is:
y= the y coordinates
m= the slope
x= the x coordinates; and
c= the y intercept of the line
Slope is find by using the formula:

m=y2-y1 / x2-x1
Then we find the value of 'c' by plugging in the values and finally write down the equation in the form of the equation mentioned above.

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Y = mx + c

y=  y coordinates
m=  slope=y2-y1 / x2-x1
x= t x coordinates; and
c=  y intercept of the line
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