Q1 . Discuss The Concept Of Competency Mapping . Briefly Explain The Methods Of Competency Mapping Citing Suitable Examples .?


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Competency mapping:-

An individual have to perform a task he would require certain skills and knowledge to do that task. Having knowledge and skills is important in doing a given task but the knowledge and skills may not produce greater results or results may not be efficient to a great extent.

In the good olden days organizations used to give importance to knowledge, skills and attitude in those times. Attitude was given lease importance in the organizational context. But know the scene has changed entirely.

Know first importance is given to attitude of employees then skills and then knowledge. When these three components are there in the skills set of the individuals they would give maximum results to the organization. These three things would make lot of difference performance and in achieving the goals.

It is the combinations of knowledge, skills, aptitude and job related attitude (behaviour). These job related behaviors would bring greater amount of difference in fulfilling the responsibilities, but job related behavior only cannot bring the results. Skills and knowledge along with job related behavior makes the difference.

Attitude (job related behavior) plays an important role both in personal and professional life. Hence in the organization context we need to give first importance to attitude rather than skills. That’s how competency concept has evolved and took an important place in decisions related to human resources area.

Types of competencies:

Threshold competency
Differential competency

Threshold competency:
These competencies are common in nature and they don’t bring any greater difference in the performance or in results.

Differential competency:
These competencies different competencies which an individual possessing and which adds value to the whole. These competencies may not be exhibited by each and every individual. These are unique in nature and rare. That’s why they are called as differential competencies.

In the organizational context differential competencies plays a vital role in achieving the goals with the efficiency.

Competency Mapping:

It is the process of enlisting the competencies required to do a particular job.

Identification of the competencies for a particular job:

The first stage job analysis helps as an important tool in identifying the competencies required for a particular job apart from the job description. The other information related to the skills knowledge and behavior can be identified for the better understanding of the competencies.

Though there are other tools and techniques to identify the competencies job analysis is the primary tool in defining the required competencies for a job.

Discussions with the departmental supervisors and Head of the Departments:

In order to have more information on the competencies required it is better to have discussions with the supervisors and HOD’s to have a bigger picture about the competencies.

Discussions with the concerned employee:-

Sometimes concerned employee might give clarity in the competencies required since that employee really performs the assigned role. This method actually gives clear picture about the competencies required.


Set of questions related to a particular job can be designed in such a way that helps to bring out the information related to competencies required for a job.

These questionnaires can be administered to the concerned employees for identifying the competencies.

Evaluating the individuals:-

There are various methods in evaluating the individuals for identifying the current competencies:-

1. Interview method
2. Group discussions
3. Role plays
4. Simulation exercises
5. Inbasket, Intray method
6. Case analysis
7. Psychometric studies
8. PADQ (position analysis description questionnaire
9. PIQ (position information questionnaire.

Assessment and development centers:-

Once competencies are defined and identified through various techniques gap analysis has to be done. Basing on that individual has to be sent for further training and developmental programmes for required competency enhancement for the business excellence.

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