What Is An Ankh?


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The ankh would typically refer to the Egyptian hieroglyphic character which represented a word which meant life. It is a common symbol which looks like a cross with a loop in place of the top extension of the cross.

You will finds that Egyptian gods were often depicted as carrying this symbol by its loop, or even displaying one in each hand with their arms typically crossed over their chest. The ankh has also been called as simply the Egyptian Cross. It is also referred to as crux ansata, which is a Latin term which translates as "cross with a handle".

There are over some different computer adventure game by the name of Ankh. There is also the River Ankh which is a fictional river that finds mention in the Discworld novels written by Terry Pratchett.
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An Ankh is the Egyptian cross with a circle over it it means life. Because it brings people back to life.

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