How Does The Setting Affect The Plot?


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Setting is the term used to refer to the time and place where a story takes place.

Whilst it might not seem that obvious, setting can effect a plot in a number of ways:

How setting affects plot
The setting of a story is often the first thing to be established - as, without giving your reader information about the setting, their imagination might place events in a completely different context.

Imagine someone was telling you the story of Robin Hood. If you didn't know that the story was set in 14th/15th century England, you might easily imagine Robin 'robbing the rich and giving to the poor' in a completely different setting:

  • He could be a futuristic robot which robs from an elite race of alien invaders and gives to poor, enslaved humans.
  • He might be a wily young boy from the slums of Mumbai stealing from rich steel magnates and sharing with his fellow slum-dwellers.
Setting helps define the attributes of the characters involved, but it also sets restrictions on the plot and the progression of the story.
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If there was no setting, there would be no plot. It can affect the person's mood or personality depending on where they are.

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