How To Make A 3D Castle Model?


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How to make a 3D Castle Model depends on what you are referring to. By a 3D model you could mean a physical model, like a wax model or a cardboard model; or you could be referring to a computer generated image of a castle such as those found in video games.
Needless to say both require very different methods.  Presuming that you want to make a physical model, there are a number of ways but a good starting point would be to buy a kit; a number of options of which are available on the web at
Even if you wanted to make your own from scratch, this would both instruct you on how to do it and provide you with a template to work from.  If you wished to make a paper, card, or cardboard model, many of the kits come with shapes on paper, card and cardboard which you then count out and stick together as instructed by the set.
By having the set you could trace these shapes (using transfer paper, available at most crafts stores, if you are working with card or cardboard) and then use the set’s instructions to assemble your 3D castle having added your own design.  If you wish to use a computer to put in your own design, simply trace the shape using a pencil and then copy over the line using a thick pen.
Scan the shapes using a computer scanner and then simply add your design.  It’s worth using the original stencils in the set as a guide otherwise you may not know what part of the castle you are working on or what you should be designing; after all you do not want to end up with a draw bridge on the roof!
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Hello, 3D modeling is the process of creating virtual models that allows you to demonstrate the size, shape, appearance of an object and its other characteristics with maximum accuracy. At its core, this is the creation of three-dimensional images and graphics using computer programs. Currently, every experienced freelance 3d modeler is able to present you a model from all angles and can eliminate the shortcomings identified in the process of its creation.

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I thought I was hard at first but is is not. I made my castle out of chicken
nugget containers and fruit snacks container. Then I sprayed paint it it all.
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Go around your house and find items like milk cartons, juice bottles, boxes etc,
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The castle model consists of bricks in a smaller configuration which allows hobbyists to create a more compact and realistic structure.  The bricks are made with concrete and are left in their natural finish. See here for all the details to make one:
Model Castle
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Get a picture of a castle you want 2 make and den get cardboard and copy da picture of da castle. LOL

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