What Is Passive Learning?


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The term passive learning is defined as that type of learning in which it is assumed that the students will enter the course which they want to study with open minds, which are like empty vessels or sponges, and the teachers will merely fill the minds of the students with knowledge, simply for the sake of securing better results in the examination.

The concept of passive learning takes place in the traditional classes, which are prevalent in those systems of education which chiefly focus on the role of the instructor and his or her lectures in the classroom, in which the information is verbalised by the teacher and the students merely take notes in a passive manner.

At the end of each of the sessions, the students usually remember only about ten per cent of the content which was taught during the class session. The lecturer in passive learning is basically a verbal textbook whose lectures are usually dull.
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Passive learning is when you just take notes, listen to the lectures, nothing else so not really participating in group work and just listening to other students.
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Passive listening is where by you are actually very interested in understanding what the other person is saying. Listening carefully to what is being said even though you don't verbally verify the information.

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