When Should You Not Use A Pie Chart?


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A pie chart is a graphical representation of data in such a manner that each unit of data is shown as a pie-shaped piece in the circle. A pie-chat gives percentage wise distribution or break-up. Simply said, a pie-chart is nothing but a circle divided into segments and every segment indicates a particular category. Pie-diagram successfully gives a powerful representation and lets you understand the statistics without much of confusion.
Though pie charts are easy to use and understand, they cannot be used for some aspects. For instance, when there are more than six components in a circle, the resulting informative material in the picture will appear to be less clear. Also if the values of each component of the pie-chart are similar or nearly similar than it will be difficult to understand the differences due to similar slice sizes.
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You use a pie chart when for example, if you have data like M, F, M,F (M is male and F is female) then it would be best to put it in a pie graph. If you have different topics for example you surveyed a class for the favourite fruit, you could also use a pie chart. If you have information with years, then you wouldn't use a pie chart. You would use a broken line graph.

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