What Is A Globe?


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A globe is a model that comprises of a three- dimensional scale. It is a model of a spheroid celestial body like a planet, star or moon, in meticulous Earth, or, on the other hand, a spherical symbol of the sky with the stars. The word globe has originated from the Latin word globus, which literally means round mass or sphere.

Some of the replica of globes are really huge and also attract huge number of tourists. One is the Unisphere in Queens, New York, which is approximately 120 feet in diameter. This globe is considered to be the world's largest global structure. The other well known globe is the world's largest rotating globe, which is 41 feet in diameter. It is known as the Eartha. It lies at the Delorme headquarters in Yarmouth, Maine.
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The Globe is a theater in London, and it was a playhouse where it actually staged many of Shakespeare's works. However, I'm not sure of the date but it burned down, and now there is an exact replica of the theater in the same area-I think actually A few Kilometers away from the actual site, but there is a new one.

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