What Happened In The World In 1996?


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1996 started on a Monday and was a leap year. 1996 was designated the International year for the eradication of poverty. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but instead outlines some key events of the year.

Major events :

  • January 7th. One of the worst blizzard's in American history, kills more than 150 people.

  • February 8th. IRA detonate huge bomb at Canary Wharf, London, killing 2.

  • March 2nd. Australian federal election held. Paul Keating loses to John Howard.

  • April 9th. The European Union officially recognises the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

  • May 21st. MV Bukoba sinks in Lake Victoria, Tanzania, killing almost 1,000 people.

  • June 19th. Boris Yeltsin wins the first round of presidential elections in Russia.

  • July 5th. Dolly the sheep is born, the first mammal to be successfully cloned.

  • August 23rd. Osama bin Laden writes, "The Declaration of Jihad on the Americans Occupying the Country of the Two Sacred Places."

  • September 3rd. The U.S launches Operation Desert Strike against Iraq in reaction to the attack on Arbil.

  • October 6th. The government of New Zealand agrees to pay $130 million dollars worth of compensation for the loss of land suffered by the Maori population between 1844 and 1864.

  • November 5th. U.S presidential election, Bill Clinton defeats Bob Dole and commences his second term in office.

  • December 27th. The Taliban retake Bagram Air Base.

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1996 was a year of major elections, major explosions and the end of the world's most famous marriage.    America and Russia both re-elected their premiers:  Boris Yeltsin was re-elected Russian leader on July 3 and on November 5 Democrat Bill Clinton was re-elected US president, comfortably beating Republican rival Bob Dole.  Right-winger Binyamin Netanyahu was narrowly elected Israel's prime minister.  And in September national elections were held peacefully in recently war-torn Bosnia.     The US city of Atlanta hosted the summer Olympic Games.  But a bomb stole headlines from the sporting achievements, exploding in the Olympic Park on July 27, killing one and injuring many.  On June 25 a U.S military base in Saudi Arabia was bombed, killing 19 U.S serviceman.  1996 saw the arrest and charging of a notorious serial bomber - the reclusive American Ted Kaczynski, dubbed the Unabomber.    On July 17 TWA Flight 800 exploded over Long Island, New York, killing 230 people.   More people were killed on commercial flights in 1996 than any other year to date.     On August 28 the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was confirmed by England's High Court, dissolving the Royal couple's15 year marriage.    
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On january 5, 1996 japanese minister Tomichi Murayama announces his resignation.

On February 1, 1996 congress passes a sweeping communications bill allowing telephone and cable television companies to compete in each other's markets.president bill clinton signs the bill into law on February 8.
On march 2, 1996 australians after 13 years od labor government sweep the Conservatives into power.
On april 1, 1996 russian forces halt their bombing and artillery as saults in the breakaway republic of chechnya after russian president Boris n.Yelstin call for a unilateral cease fire.

On may 3, 1996 fuel prices across the nation rise during the previous 10 weeks by an average of about 17 cents or 15 percent. During the previous six days, prices go up by more than 5 cents.

On september 3, 1996 the united states launches missile strikes against iraqi air defenses in southern iraq in relation for iraqi aggression against a kurdish faction in the no fly zone of northern america.
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Here is a link from where you can get the timeline for the year 1996. You can watch according to different months. Have a look:

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Wasnt there a flood in oregon or something??? O you and I was born then!!!
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There was a north american blizzard.It paralyzed the U.S. East Coast. There was up to 4ft. Of wind-driven snow from January 6-January 8.It was followed by another storm on January 12   Then, unusually warm weather and torrential rain which caused rapid melting and river flooding followed.
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  • mad cow disease outbreak in U.K.
  • FBI arrest unabomber suspect
  • truck bomb kills 19 at a U.S. Base in Saudi Arabia
  • Virginia military school admits women  
  • U.S. Attacks Iraqis in no fly zone
  • The Yankees win the World Series    :}
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I was born!:]
I blow them candles on october 21
Oooh but the Atlanta Olympics and 101 Dalmations and Matilda was released to the public!
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