When Was Frankenstein Written?


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In the summer of 1816
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Frankenstein- In February 1818 Mary dreamed that her baby, who had recently died, came back to life through being rubbed in front of the fire.
Over a year later, she was staying in Switzerland with her husband and their friends Lord Byron and Dr Shelley's. One night the four decided to have a competition as to who could write the best ghost story. All started work except Mary, who was unable to think of a storyline. Desperate for inspiration, one night she had another dream; of a scientist who creates life and is horrified by the thing he has made. This was the foundation of”Frankenstein” Mary Shelley was also influenced by the scientific ideas of the period. There was much speculation as to whether it might be possible to bring the dead back to life through an electrical charge; the Shelley's and their friends had often discussed theories like this before Mary had her dream.

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