Discuss The Interrelationships Among Customer Expectation And Satisfaction,perceive Value And Customer Retention.Why Is A Customer Relation Essential?


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The interrelationships between customer expectation and customer satisfaction are all too often poles apart. Customer expectations should be high because they are parting with their hard earned cash for a product or a service that should be given with good grace, good manners and an eye to making the customer experience an even better one. Unfortunately, this is very often not the case.

It isn't just a customer relationship that is essential, it is an excellent customer relationship that is essential, and the reasons for this should be obvious. If a customer receives poor service, not only will they vote with their feet and never spend their money with you again, but they will also make sure that everybody they know hears about how bad you are.

Conversely, if your customer service is beyond reproach, they will return and will recommend you to everyone that they know and you will benefit from the extra business.

The businesses that have the best customer service, and therefore, the ones that can meet customer expectations and so take advantage of the increased business that brings with it, are the ones that invest time and effort in training their staff properly.

There are many businesses that offer a similar product and service to each other so the question must be asked, why should a customer choose us rather than our competitors? Unless you are selling something that is totally unique and is something that everybody needs, you cannot afford not to develop a relationship with your customers and give them the satisfaction that they, only too rightly, expect. The answer to the question then, is that customers will choose you because you will give them a great experience.

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