I Plan To Take Business Admin (major) & Finance (minor) For A Bachelor's Degree. I Plan To Take Economics (major) & Human Resources (minor) For My Master's Degree. Would Anyone Please Give Me Any Comments On My Plan? I'm Not Sure If My Plan Is Good.


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Your plan sounds like it will give you a strong grounding in business. You will be touching on various aspects of the business world, from administration to human resources. It looks like your education would appeal to employers once you get out of university. Keep in mind that you have some flexibility as your education unfolds. For instance, if a topic in your business administration degree really piques your interest, you may decide to study it for a master's degree.

It sounds as though you have spent some time considering what you want to do after you graduate. This is very important. Perhaps you could think of some employers that you might like to work for after graduation. You could enquire with their human resources office to find out what qualifications they value in potential employees. Some companies even have special hotlines or offices to help graduates. Recruitment is a major part of business so many companies will be happy to help you with your questions regarding educational experience.
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It is a good plan, but you are going to waste time and money. You can take these classes all in the 4 years. Unless you want to be something better than CEO in the Business world( I don't know what that would be) then I suggest you work it out to only go 4 years. Truly, that's all you need. That's what I am doing. I am only in 9th grade, but I know that I am going to take Business Admin.(major) and Marketing(minor). I plan to attend WVU for a 4 year degree. I had wanted to be a CEO, but now I have lowered my goals. Like I said, you should take it down to only 4 years. It will help a lot if you can successfully do that.
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Do you think its possible for me to take 4 courses in college and complete them all within 4 yrs?!?

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