How Was A Slingshot Used In Ancient Times?


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The centre part consisted of a piece of leather approximately nine inches (23 centimetres) long and three to three and a half inches (7.5 to 9 centimetres) wide in the middle, tapering off at both ends. Leather thongs were attached to each end of the centre part. Or, the whole sling could be cut out of the same piece of leather.
A right-handed person would loop the end of one of the thongs around a finger of his right hand, or would tie it to his right wrist, with the thong passing over the palm of the hand. The end of the other thong would be doubled back and held in the same hand.
The slinger would place a stone in the centre part of the sling. With his left hand stretched forward, he would hold the stone in position. Then, letting go with his left hand, he would swing his right hand downward counter-clockwise. As the sling came to a level behind him, he would swing it forward horizontally, also counter-clockwise, in a full circle above his head. At just the right moment, he would release the unattached thong, thus slinging the stone forward. Some slingers often do not swing the sling overhead, but throw simply with a powerful downward swing of the arm.
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The slingshot was not used in ancient times the "sling" was, slingshots did not come along until the mid 1800's after the vulcanization of rubber was discovered.
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It was used to kill all the people that didnt know a thing (the retards)

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