What Is A Flow Chart?


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A flow chart is a pictorial representation of an algorithm that uses boxes of different shapes to denote different types of instructions. The actual instructions are written inside these boxes using clear and concise statements. These boxes are connected by solid lines having arrow marks to indicate the flow of operation, that is, the exact sequence in which the instructions are to be executed.
A programmer can forget about the logic and concentrate only on coding the operations in each box of the flow chart in terms of the statements of the programming language. This will normally ensure an error free program.

A flow chart, therefore, is a picture of the logic to be included in the computer program. It is simply a method of assisting the programmer to lay out, in a visual manner, two dimensional methods. It is basically the plan to be followed when the program is written. It acts like a road map for a programmer and guides him how to go from the starting point to the final point while writing a computer program.

Experienced programmers sometimes write programs without drawing the flowchart. However, for a beginner it is recommended that a flowchart be drawn first in order to reduce the number of errors and omissions in the program.

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