What Tools Did Cave Men Use In Their Time?


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Cave men lived about 780,000 years ago and they used things such as
Blade:to prepare food for cooking

Scraper:to use to make skins ready for stretching

Borer:used to bore holes into skins,bone or wood.

Small blade/arrow head:fitted into a wood bone or antler shaft.Held in place by fish glue.Thrown or fired from bow.

Fish hook: Provides evidence that early man did not only trap fish but caught them with a hook and line.

Pumice stone : Used to smooth tools made of bone,antler or wood.

Harpoon head : Tied to shafts and used for hunting and fishing.Some have been found with a hole in the end.Would have had thong through it.

Limpet scoop:to scoop out limpets from shells

Mattock : Excellent tool for striping meat or blubber.Aldo been able to be used for digging up roots.
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According to scientists, Peking man, a type of man living about 300,000 years ago, was the first cave dwellers. Early man lived by hunting. Each man was his own toolmaker. With a hammer stone he broke large pebbles until they were of the proper size for grasping. The resulting tool was a crude chopper, with one end slightly sharpened to make a rough cutting edge. Choppers could be used for digging, scraping, hacking and cutting.

Other common early tools were crude hand axes. One end formed a heavy butt for grasping. The other end was chipped on both sides to a rounded or pointed tip. Hand axes were probably all purpose tools, useful for digging up roots, cracking nuts or cutting up dead animals.

Neanderthal man, who lived from about 150,000 to 300,000 years ago, was a real cave dweller. In addition to hand axes, Neanderthal man had flake tools. These were skilfully made of broad thin flakes of flint having a good sharp edge. They used it as knives for skinning and cutting up game animals.
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They made them from rocks and sticks very long time ago
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Flint stones wood
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