What Is The Probability That When You Roll Two Fair Dice, The Product Of The Numbers Rolled Is Divisible By 2? Note That Rolling A 2 Of The First Die And A 2 On The Second Die Is Different Than Rolling A 1 On The First Die And A 2 On The Second Die.


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The probability of rolling an odd number on one die is 3/6 = 1/2. The probability of rolling an odd number on both dice is (1/2)(1/2) = 1/4. Thus, the probability that at least one die will have an even number is
1 - 1/4 = 3/4.

The probability that the product is even is 3/4.
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3 out of thirteen
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50%. Given any first roll, 3 of the second roll's choices will result in an odd sum, and 3 in an even sum.

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