What Is The Origin Of The Word 'Education'?


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The term 'education' is the noun form of the verb educate. It comes from the Middle English educaten; coming from the Latin term educare, educatus meaning 'bring up, rear'; linked to educere meaning 'to lead forth' or 'bring out'. The suffix 'ion' refers to a particular action or process. It could also refer to the result of the same. It also means 'state or condition'

'Education' thus has come to mean "provide schooling". Education implies the structured teaching in addition training of students. It essentially draws on other disciplines. For instance we have psychology, computer science, neuroscience, or philosophy. Yet this is formal education. The word "education" may have a much broader context as under the term 'learning'.

Our system of education broadly revolves around primary education and secondary education followed by higher education and academia. We also have alternative education as well as self-education.
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This is Salman here.
Dear if you r talking about the origin of education is that era when there was no humanity, no mercy for human n others and especially people culdnt make decisions theirslf then education arrived that gave opportunity to think, to undrstand, and to behave like a gentle as we r proving rite now.

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