How Do I Insert Columns Into My Word Document?


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ghazal gi answered
Its very easy thing you just click the format on the tool bar then click columns and then select your required number of columns and then can adjust your column cell size i.e width and height.  You can also do this by looking at the standard toolbar where column button like thing is shown when you click it then the same box will appear for the required columns and its size. That's it.
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Louise Gorman answered
Click on 'Format' on the toolbar. Next, click on 'Columns'. The 'Columns' window should appear. You can use the presets at the top of the window to choose the columns that you would like to be added to your document. You can also alter the width and spacing of the columns. The preview on the right will give you an idea of how the columns will be positioned on your document.

Near the bottom of the window is a drop down box where you can select what you would like the columns to be applied to. You can choose to have them applied to the whole document, or 'this point forward', which means applying it to the part of the document which you are currently working and from that point onwards rather than the whole of the document.

When you have finished, click on 'OK'. You can also quickly insert columns into your word document by clicking on the columns button on your toolbar.

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