How Do You Express 2,750,389 In Scientific Notation?


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The number 2,750,389 can be written in scientific notation as follows:

2,750,389 = 2.750389 x 106

Justification: This is because decimal point is after 9 and in scientific notation decimal point comes after first digit therefore, 2.750389 x 106 gives 2,750,389.
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2,750,389 in scientific notation would be 2.750389 x 106

But notice that nothing was gained in describing that number in scientific notation if you need to keep all the digits.  It actually made it more difficult to write.  Generally scientific notation simplifies numbers with lots of leading zeros or trailing zeros to makes them easier to use.  If you reduced the accuracy of the number, say to 2.75 x 106 , then it would be easier to use in scientific notation.
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2.7x10 to the 6th power
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2,750,389 can be expressed in scientific notations as,

2.750389 x 10 ^6

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