What Is The Role Of Students In Developing A Country?


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The role of students in developing a country is huge. You can't expect a country to develop if it doesn't have literate people. These students who are studying would be working tomorrow. They would be working for the public, private sector etc . These students would be the pillars the country would be standing on. If these students leave their studies or are not given a chance to move ahead then they won't be able to help their country and its economy.

There are students who receive some of their education in their home country and then go abroad to get a higher degree. There is nothing wrong with that either because they can then come back to their country and serve it with the great level of knowledge they have.

The students today would be the teachers of tomorrow.They will be giving their country back whatever their country has given them. This is how a country develops and this is how many developing nations in the world have become fully developed.

Some of these students would be the policy makers in the country helping the government to make policies, some would be scientists helping the country to innovate things, some would be law makers making sure the law in the country is fair etc.
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Most developing countries today tend to forget the role that students can play in their respective countries to help them develop. Most would agree that future of the country depends on its students since it is these young kids who will be required to fill in the shoes of the highest and most important post one day.

Therefore the role of the students can become important even before they have jumped into the real world. A vibrant, aggressive and ill mannered student community can bring a bad name to the country and may eventually harm the process of development as investors would be unsure of their future. However a disciplined, smart, creative student community can show the world of their countries ability to develop and their hunger to achieve the best.

One best example would be the youth of Thailand which has showed many a times what they are capable of. Given a chance, they can prove them selves. Being extremely polite, the Thai student community tries its level best to give a good impression of their country regardless of where they go. Thus following "First impression is the last impression" to the very best and creating fans all over the globe.
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Students in a developing country like ours can and should work for social and national progress. Our students especially in the colleges and universities can educate the uneducated people. They can engage in a universal education program which may be arranged and sponsored by the government, businessmen and landlords. Classes for children and adults can be arranged in schools, colleges, suitable government buildings even in certain parks, gardens and fields. The student should teach just to earn money but more to serve their dear nation .They should understand clearly that unless most or all of our people get educated , we cannot join the family of advanced or developed nations?

Both, Male and female students can serve their country by getting military trained. A developing country cannot afford to have a very huge standing army. With a sizeable reserve military force of students, we can maintain a smaller regular army.

It is the need of the hour for the government, social organizations and students to work in close cooperation for the advancement of the country. Senior students can assist law-enforcing agencies in their work. They can help police in their action against anti-state elements like drug addicts, criminals and smugglers.
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The role of student in the development of the nation are to become the leaders of tommorow and provide future services to the nation example teachers,scientist,manager,doctor's,agrarian,and nation planners but nation that has low student intrested in various field of education will never develop it is most for any nation to provide educators in various places for it development
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The role of students cannot be neglected in building of nation. Students are the future handlers of a nation. What students learn at their educational institutes today will be used and implemented tomorrow for the betterment of the country.

Students play a vital role in the development of a country. They are the future's scientists, educationalists, bankers, politicians, business men, doctors, engineers etc. The importance of students in the development of a country can be seen clearly from Japan strategy after World War 2. When war ate their skilled full personnel of and they were left with the young and inexperienced children. So their think tanks adopted a new strategy to build up their nation with experience and skilled full workforce in replacement of the one's that they had lost in War.

They selected the groups of intelligent and energetic students who wanted to do some thing for their country. Then those groups were divided into the categories of the profession that they wanted to adopt in future. they gave them the high quality education of their fields, sent them to the world class universities to learn up to date knowledge of their field in short every facility that a student can dream of was provided to them. And when they became true professionals' degree holders they were invested into the field of their specialization and Japan started to cash their knowledge and talent. And now we can see where Japan is standing after the destruction of World War 2.

So the role of students is like building blocks of nation and if they are left unnoticed might cause long term major problems for that country. So don't underestimate a student today and a student won't let you underestimated in future.
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Well students will one day get older and make decisions for our country and have tremendous power on how things are run in the world.
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Students role in community development
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 A student is a person in the community who indulges himself into the knowledge and then acts upon it.

Students directly or even indirectly are a source of benefit to the country. Workers of the future, these students will somehow prove themselves as a cause of development in the nation. The thing is the latest technical know-how, which is the responsibility of the country. So, by providing this to the students, instead of making them cram-over the books,is far beneficial.And let them learn. They will be Great Winners!

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Students are the future of a country. Students can participate in developing a country by focusing on their study so that they serve the nation in a better way.

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