Is There A Good International University In Thailand?


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Many Universities exist in Thailand. A few of them have rated them selves as International University. The most obvious one is known as Assumption University or most famously known as ABAC.

ABAC as it was known when it started off was the first International University in Thailand and remains the largest and the most recognized International University in the Thai nation.

With English as the medium of the instruction, most of the foreigners enroll in ABAC without giving a second thought though they are many other universities which provide English programs. However it is ABAC's culture that attract the students.

Assumption University boost to have students from 76 countries ranging from Pakistan to Singapore to Ethiopia to Brazil. Chinese, Indians and the Bangladeshis can also be seen in numbers where as Nepalis fill the scholarship student sheet more than often.

Assumption University provides many courses with Business Administration being the core of it as the maximum amount of students are enrolled in this faculty. BBA faculty of Assumption University is regarded as the best in the business in Thailand. Other faculties includes Engineering, Science and Technology, Biotechnology, Arts, Nursing and Communication Arts. With Such variety students have a broad range of faculties to choose from.

All this makes Assumption University the first and the best choice for foreigners to enroll in.
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Another clear choice is Stamford International University.

Stamford offers Undergraduate and Graduate degrees with an ideal mix of academic focus, personal touch and real world exposure which helps students stay abreast of rapid changes in a global society.

Stamford is widely recognized for its specialized areas in Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship and Airline Business Management.

Stamford is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education of Thailand. Also, its academic collaborations and affiliations with premiere American, European and Australian universities empower students to exchange, study abroad and explore dual degree options.

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