Can You Calculate The Time Period Of Simple Pendulum If The Length Of Simple Pendulum Is 144 Cm?


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23.25 seconds
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Yes, just use the formula t=2*pi*[(L/g)^1/2)]
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Calculating the value of time period of a pendulum when its length in 144cm (1.44m):
First of all one should know what is meant by time period; it's the time takes to complete one swing. Now to calculate time period we'll use the formula given below:
T= 2 x 3.142 (L/g)1/2
Here L represents the length of the pendulum in meters, g is the value of gravity (in this case it's on earth) and T is the time required to complete one swing (time period) which basically the value we are trying to find.

Now according the question the values are given as follows:
Length of pendulum (L) = 1.44 meters
Value of gravitational constant (g) = 9.82 m/s2
Value of the constant pi = 3.142

Now we can substitute these values in the above given equation and obtain the value for time period of the pendulum. The equation is solved below

T= 2 x 3.142 (1.44/9.82)1/2
T= 2 x 3.142 (0.14663951120162932790224032586558)1/2
T= 6.284x 0.38293538776356165840480801488278
T= 2.4063659767062214614158135655234
T= 2.406 sec

In the above given solution (1.44/9.82)1/2 represents an square root of the value obtained after dividing 1.44 by 9.82
The time period calculated is used to calculate the frequency of the pendulum as well. For that purpose the following formula is used
F = 1/ T

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