How To Keep Our School Neat And Clean?


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We can keep our school clean by throwing wastes in a dustbin . It is not the responsibility of the sweepers to clean the huge school there is responsibility of us the students too
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CLEANLINESS means different things to different people. For instance, when a little boy is told by his mother to wash his hands and face, he may think that holding his fingers under a running faucet and wetting his lips is enough. But Mother knows better. She takes him back into the bathroom and scrubs his hands and face with plenty of soap and water—despite his loud protests!
Of course, standards of cleanliness are not the same around the world, and people grow up with varying concepts of cleanliness. In times past, a clean, well-ordered school environment in many countries helped students develop good habits of cleanliness. Today, some school grounds are so full of litter and debris that they resemble a garbage dump more than a place to play or exercise. And what about the classroom? Darren, a janitor in an Australian high school, observed: "Now we see filth in the classroom as well." Some students take the instruction "Pick it up" or "Clean it up" to mean that they are being punished. The problem is that some teachers do use cleaning as a means of punishment.
On the other hand, adults are not always good examples of cleanliness, either in everyday life or in the business world. For example, many public places are left messy and unsightly. Some industries pollute the environment. Pollution, however, is caused, not by faceless industries and businesses, but by people. While greed is probably the main cause of the worldwide problem of pollution and its many ill effects, part of the problem is the result of unclean personal habits. A former director general of the Commonwealth of Australia supported this conclusion when he said: "All questions of public health reduce themselves to a consideration of the one man, the one woman, the one child."
Still, some feel that cleanliness is a personal matter and should be of no concern to anyone else. Is that really so?
The importance of cleanliness cannot be overemphasized when it comes to our food—whether we buy it at a market, eat it at a restaurant, or have a meal at a friend's home. A high standard of cleanliness is expected of those handling or serving the food we eat. Dirty hands—theirs or ours—can be the cause of many sicknesses. What about hospitals—of all places, the place where we expect to find cleanliness? The New England Journal of Medicine reported that unwashed hands among doctors and nurses may help explain why hospital patients develop infections that cost up to ten billion dollars a year to cure. We rightly expect that no one will endanger our health by his unclean habits.
It is also a very serious matter when someone—deliberately or thoughtlessly—pollutes our water supplies. And how safe is it to stroll barefoot along a beach where one may see used syringes left behind by drug addicts and others? Perhaps of even greater personal importance is the question: Is cleanliness practiced in our own home?
Suellen Hoy, in her book Chasing Dirt, asks: "Are we as clean as we used to be?" She answers: "Probably not." She cites shifting social values as the main reason. As people spend less and less time at home, they simply pay someone else to do the cleaning for them. Consequently, maintaining a clean environment is no longer a matter of personal importance. "I don't clean the shower—I clean myself," said one man. "At least, if my house is dirty, I'm clean."
Cleanliness, however, is much more than outward appearance. It is an all-embracing ethic of sound living. It is also a state of mind and heart that involves our morals and worship. Let us see how this is the case.

Students would like to see the school provides a clean school environment for the students to keep them in good health and safe.
The purpose of cleanliness drive is because of the cleanliness of schools are going down this year. There has been No Paper Towels and Soap in the restrooms. There has been trash in the hallways in piles. The restrooms have a real bad odor coming from them as soon as you walk down the hall. The hallway floors look to have not been mopped since the beginning of the school year. There are no cleaning supplies for the janitors to keep the school clean.
Recycle bins must be placed at various places in schools to promote recycling of waste among students, teachers and other employees. Children in the school can be encouraged to put waste in appropriate bins so that they develop a habit of disposing of waste properly.
Recycling programs in school can be beneficial and a learning experience for students who can contribute to the cleanliness of school and society at large. Recycling wastes from the school is also beneficial as school produce a lot of paper waste. In copier rooms and cafeterias there is a lot of waste material in form of paper, aluminum cans, and glass bottles. The waste paper in schools and the waste material produced in the cafeterias can be recycled utilizing appropriate recycling containers displayed with recycling decals.
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Try to clean there when you have time try to get people to come too.
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Outside the school it should be as little as possible  to sell things out of stalls, but to always clean.
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Get all of the kids to pick up the trash around the grounds.... Pluck a team from the detention hall... Surely there is a plethora of manual labor to be gotten from there lol
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It would be dirty otherwise!
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It's unfair to other children when they are the ones getting in trouble for the ones who put there dirt on the school grounds .... Everyone should come together and start helping the school get its shine because no one can learn when there are dirt all around .. As of now try n make a BIG change in the school... And BE A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER.... Let others follow your part :D

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The school as well as any other compartment must be clean all the time. Surely, it is rather simple to hire a cleaning lady. Or just order cleaning services from professionals. That is the reason why people are looking for professionals in the area.

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